Workshop: God Speaks To Me Everywhere

A day of teaching on hearing, seeing, sensing or knowing God is desiring to communicate with us.

Lunch will be served

Adventures in Discipleship

Pastor Norland is taking us through some key areas of discipleship in this short video series. Videos are posted weekly.

Click the YouTube icon to start your adventure!



What Is Taught in Good News Club?

Each week an exciting Bible lesson using colorful materials from CEF is presented. This action-packed time also includes songs, Scripture memory, a missions story and review games or other activities focused on the lesson’s theme. Each club includes a clear presentation of the Gospel and an opportunity for children to trust the Lord Jesus as Savior. Every club also includes strong discipleship training to build character and strengthen moral and spiritual growth. All children are encouraged to attend a local church.

Meeting at Hermantown Elementary School, 5365 W Arrowhead Rd, Hermantown, MN 55811, USA

Thursdays 4pm -5:30pm Starting October 27, 2022